georgia and faye


georgia and faye

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I am a firm believer that rough sex and cuddling go hand in hand.

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Good god why is this cracking me up so much

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if i were a nun I would wear heelies and glide everywhere just to fuck with people




if i were a nun I would wear heelies and glide everywhere just to fuck with people


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I’m filthy, I’m sore, but god I’m so grateful for the life I’m living. 

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From a photo/video shoot earlier today with local gal, Enthusiasm.

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Lovely…and ready!

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Amy Andre in Nothing About Us Without Us from her speech on problems of Physical Health in the Bisexual Community, at a bisexual roundtable on 23 September 2013 in Washington DC USA (via bialogue-group)

It’s this shit right here that gets me so fucking mad at people who trivialise biphobia and monosexism by saying shit like “oh the worst you get is people thinking you are confused and greedy”, as if those stereotypes has no real consequences for bisexuals.

This is a fucking therapist, a man in charge of helping people overcome mental health issues and trauma, admitting freely that he and his colleagues treat bisexuality as if it is a mental health problem and a symptom of mental disturbance to be treated and cured.

He is telling a bi woman that he doesn’t treat gay people the same way and I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t treat straight folks that way, he is singling out bisexuals because he thinks there is something wrong with us identifying that way, because we are, in his mind, confused.

It makes me sick to think that he is making clients doubt and dissect their own sexuality, blamed their bisexuality for their mental state, told them that bisexuality was a symptom or something to take centre-stage over everything because he thinks it’s not as natural or mentally healthy as monosexuality.

This attitude towards bisexuality is endemic to the medical health industry, especially mental health, which is already a problematic field given how much stigma is attached to mental illness.

So many times I hear bisexuals express their anger at being told by qualified therapists and doctors that they were confused, greedy and/or unstable and therefore had to jump through pointless hoops, longer and more invasive therapy sessions, or even worse, threatened with having treatment withheld or taken in a direction completely different from monosexuals because “it’s all in their heads” or “just doing it for attention”. All because the person in charge takes Freud a little too seriously and/or believes all the shitty stereotypes that seem ever so trivial and not worth combatting to biphobia-deniers.

And people wonder why bisexuals don’t come out to health professionals? They wonder why we don’t come out at all? They wonder why bisexuals have a rate of suicide and poor health way above straight and gay people?

Don’t ever tell me that is trivial. Bisexuals die because of these stereotypes, they are killed by these so-called mental health professionals telling them that they need to be cured by denying themselves and are erased after death by monosexism. Fuck everyone who doesn’t think that’s worth caring about.

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Wear me out.

I fantasize about that sex-induced type of exhaustion. Every single night, after my fingers are sticky with my cum and my pussy is still convulsing from release, I roll over onto my side and imagine that I am not responsible for this exhaustion. I imagine that it is a result of everything I’ve just thought about - being spanked red, being choked until I’m begging for air, being slapped across my tear-stained face, and being fucked like your sexual property. In my post-orgasm imagination, the sweat on my skin is all your fault. Your cock and your wicked toys are responsible for burning me out like this, not the skill of my own hands.

I want the pain the most. I want the physical pain to mingle with the pleasure of an orgasm, and that is the kind of intoxication that will lull me into my inevitable sleep. I want the feeling of sore limbs and an even sorer pussy, the feeling of chafed skin around my ankles and wrists, and the feeling of newborn bruises that will be darker in the morning. I want my lower lip to throb and tingle from when you slapped my mouth and then bit me, want my nipples sore from endless torment. I want to lie there, in your bed, with a red ass that still leaks with your cum and thighs that still bear your welts. I want to get lost in all of it, relax in all of it. I want to surrender to the aftereffects and let them weigh me down in the most liberating of ways.

And I’d want to feel your hands again, but gently now. I’d want to feel them stroking my hair and my skin, soothing me. They’d be soft where they were rough, and they’d pull me deeper and deeper into a state of sheer bliss. That kind of fatigue, the kind where I am nothing but an aching body in a satiated, sadistic man’s bed, would mean a lot to me.

It would mean that I’ve been useful.

It would mean that I’ve served my purpose.

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Don’t Look Back in Anger

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